Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park

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VISIT Kobuk Valley National Park:

Kobuk Valley National Park sits in a broad valley where the middle section of the Kobuk River is surrounded by the Baird and Waring Mountain ranges. 

How to Visit Kobuk Valley National Park

It is located 75 miles east of Kotzebue, AK, however it’s not accessible by roads.

There is no road access to Kobuk Valley NP. Most visitors access the park by air taxi from either the small towns of Kotzebue or Bettles. However, both of these towns are also not accessible via the road system either. In the summer, air service is available from Anchorage to Kotzebue and Fairbanks to Bettles. In the winter, access to the park is by plane, snowmobile, or dogsled.

Park Details

Kobuk Valley National Park was established on December 1, 1978, and has a total area of 1,750,716 acres (2,735 square miles, or 7,088 square kilometers).

Address 171 3rd Ave, Kotzebue, AK, 99752
HoursOpen 24 hours a day
Entrance FeeFree
Learn MoreOfficial Website

When to Visit: Weather vs. Peak Visitation

Kobuk Valley National Park is the 342nd most visited park in the country.

We crunched 30 years of historical weather and/or park service data to find the best months to visit Kobuk Valley National Park. We looked for the optimal temperatures, the least amount of snow and rain, and stayed away from peak visitation months if we could help it. All this data then helped us paint a picture as to what the absolute best time to visit Kobuk Valley National Park is.

Our data shows the best months to visit Kobuk Valley National Park are June, July, August & February.

Park Visits1,1006957642822724906126201,5381,9871,5691,611
Avg Temp-26152744656760472781
Max Temp262831376578807360402726
Avg Temp-14-11-810314951443417-2-11
Min Temp-36-36-32-19935362921-2-21-30
Temperature values in °F; Precipitation in Inches

Kobuk Valley National Park Road Trips

Many family vacations consist of stringing one or more national parks together during a week-long trip. Creating these types of trips is our specialty! Here are the road trips we've created where Kobuk Valley National Park is visited.

Trip NameTrip MilesTrip Days
None Found.

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Nearby Campsites & RV Parks

If you are looking to pitch a tent or park an RV at a campsite near Kobuk Valley National Park, here is a list of the closest campsites in the surrounding area. They all have slightly different amenitites, so its best to check them all out instead of just chosing the first on the list.

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Nearest Ski Resorts

For those of you who are the diehard outdoors type, visiting a national park on a ski trip can be quite the adventure. Here are the ski resorts within 100 miles of Kobuk Valley National Park:

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Nearest Airports

When visiting a National park, many people are faced with either a very long drive across country, or a much shorter flight. For those of you looking to fly into Kobuk Valley National Park, we've listed the closest airports in the area.

Large Airports

A large airport has scheduled major airline service with millions of passengers per year. This type of airport always accepts international flights. Here are the closest large airports to Kobuk Valley National Park.

Fairbanks International AirportFAIFairbanks, AK370 mi
Medium Airports

A medium-sized airport has scheduled regional airline service. This type of airport may or may not accept international flights. Here are the closest medium-sized airports to Kobuk Valley National Park.

Ralph Wien Memorial AirportOTZKotzebue, AK100 mi
Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial AirportBRWUtqiaġvik, AK265 mi
Nome AirportOMENome, AK272 mi
Deadhorse AirportSCCDeadhorse, AK325 mi
McGrath AirportMCGMcGrath, AK335 mi
Anvik AirportANVAnvik, AK340 mi
Emmonak AirportEMKEmmonak, AK362 mi

Credits: Campground data provided by USCampgrounds.info. Map shapes from CartographyVectors. Weather data from NOAA. Airport data from OurAirports.com. Images from Unsplash, Flickr and Parks&Trips. All data has also been updated and augmented by Parks&Trips.