About Parks & Trips

Parks & Trips was created because I realized I put a lot of effort into designing and planning my family’s annual National Park trips, but I wasn’t sharing them with anyone.

The very first trip we planned was the Grand Canyon & Zion trip, and it was an enormous success. It wasn’t too rushed, and the family and I enjoyed it a lot! Since then, I’ve designed many other trips across the United States: some that we’ve taken, some that are on the back burner. All trips have been thoughtfully planned out with the idea that you too will have a family and kids in tow.

As the amount of trip plans grew, I knew I wanted to make them a little more data driven than other’s I’ve come across on the web. Because of this, we spent countless hours curating, normalizing and calculating statistics on everything from National Parks to Airports to Ski Resorts.

You’ll find the results of all this work inside each one of our itineraries. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and if you have anything you’d like to see added, drop us a line.

Thanks for reading!

Chris C.