Channel Islands National Park

The Most Remote US National Parks

When building out our road trip itineraries across the US, we’ve found that some National Parks simply are really, really hard to get to. Some may only make sense if you fly into much smaller airports than you’re used to. Some parks even require you to take an airplane or boat to access. Many of the Alaskan national parks are so large that you’ll need to use local airfields to access most of their remote lands.

However, every park has its unique feature that makes the hassle of getting there worth it. Here are the ten most remote National Parks in the US..

By Sea or Air

These are the US National Parks that require you to get to them either by a boat, or airplane. Also, “by airplane” doesn’t mean that you could use an airplane to get closer to the park – it means that it’s so remote that you actually can only get there via a plane.

Hard to Pair with Other National Parks

The National Parks listed here are not actually hard to get to, but they are definitely next to impossible to pair with a trip to a second (or third) national park. Some of these parks are actually so hard to make a road trip out of, they aren’t even close to any Canadian National Parks either!

Multiple Connecting Flights and/or Small Airports Required

These US National Parks are so remote that if you don’t happen to live nearby, then you need to go outside your comfort zone to get there. You’ll need to book plane tickets that will have multiple connecting flights, then fly into a much smaller airport than you’re used to.