Asessippi Ski Hill, Manitoba

Manitoba Ski Resorts Ranked & Mapped

Manitoba has a small amount of ski hills and resorts, and most of them sit to the south near the US border with South Dakota.

List of All Manitoba Ski Resorts

Skiing can get expensive. Besides equipment rentals, ski lift passes are expensive and really add up if you have a family. To combat this, multi-resort, multi-day lift passes were created to help offset this cost a bit. Buying lift pass days in bulk will usually net you around a 20% discount. However, none of the resorts in Manitoba are connected with a multi-resort pass like this.

All ski hills in Manitoba are smaller than those in the surrounding provinces. No hill/resort has a vertical more than 500 ft (152 m).

Asessippi Ski Area & ResortInglis, MB, R0J
Falcon Ridge Ski SlopesFalcon Beach, MB, R0E
Holiday Mountain ResortLa Rivière, MB, R0G
Mystery Mountain Winter ParkThompson, MB, R0B
Ski ValleyMinnedosa, MB, R0J
Springhill Winter ParkSpringfield, MB, R5R
Stony Mountain Ski AreaStony Mountain, MB, R0C
Thunder Hill Ski AreaBenito, MB, R0L

Explaining Our ‘Difficulty Score’

Parks & Trips created a proprietary Difficulty Score that is generated by looking at the number of easy-intermediate-expert slopes by acreage and the maximum vertical drop of the overall resort.

Our algorithm compares each resort’s metrics with all others in North America, then gives each a Difficulty Score, which we use to rank them accordingly. Resorts with a lower score are easier than those with a higher one. However, a high score does not mean that the resort does not have any easy slopes, or vice versa. This is just an overall score given to the resort based on all its metrics grouped together.

The Most Difficult Manitoba Ski Resorts

Mystery Mountain Winter Park is the hardest ski resort in Manitoba, and it is also the one that sits the farthest away from all the others. Located in the middle of the province near Thompson, this resort is rated around a 40% difficulty, which is less than half of other resorts we have data on.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty ScoreTM
#1Mystery Mountain Winter Park17%50%33%37%
#2Asessippi Ski Area & Resort34%33%33%34%
#3Ski Valley33%44%23%29%
#4Thunder Hill Ski Area45%32%23%27%
#5Holiday Mountain Resort32%52%16%27%

The Easiest Ski Resorts in Manitoba

Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes is by far the easiest ski hill in Manitoba with zero difficult trails. Stony Mountain and Springhill are next in line here, and are pretty similar in just about every category.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty ScoreTM
#1Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes80%20%0%6%
#2Stony Mountain Ski Area66%17%17%16%
#3Springhill Winter Park50%40%10%18%
#4Holiday Mountain Resort32%52%16%27%
#5Thunder Hill Ski Area45%32%23%27%

The Largest Ski Resorts in Manitoba

Choosing the largest ski resorts is a bit of a tricky proposition. Do you look at just the summit elevation? How about the total acreage, most trails, or steepest vertical drop?

Well, we decided to combine all four of those metrics into one ranking to get the best idea, although we fully admit this is completely subjective. We’ve given you all the data in the following table to make your own decision.

Asessippi Ski Area & Resort is the only Manitoba ski area with more than 100 skiable acres. It also has the most trails of any in the province. Ski Valley has the highest summit and base elevations. Thunder Hill has the steepest vertical by more than 60 ft (18 meters).

Rank ResortSummit ElevationBase ElevationVertical DropAcresTrails
#1Thunder Hill Ski Area573 m436 m137 m6022
#2Asessippi Ski Area & Resort553 m432 m121 m20025
#3Holiday Mountain Resort472 m366 m107 m4011
#4Ski Valley600 m520 m80 m309
#5Mystery Mountain Winter Park264 m188 m76 m3018