Seven Springs, PA

Pennsylvania Ski Resorts Ranked & Mapped

Pennsylvania has 23 open ski resorts, most of which are either located in the Pocono Mountains in the east or the Laurel Highlands in the bottom-central of the state.

List of All Pennsylvania Ski Resorts

The Poconos have the highest concentration of ski resorts, with almost half of PA’s total located in the eastern side of the state.

Alpine MountainWellsville, PA, 17365
Bear Creek MountainMacungie, PA, 18062
Big BoulderEPICLake Harmony, PA, 18624
Blue KnobINDYClaysburg, PA, 16625
Blue MountainIKONNewburg, PA, 17240
Boyce ParkPittsburgh, PA, 15239
Camelback MountainTannersville, PA, 18372
Eagle RockFayetteville, PA, 17222
Elk MountainUnion Dale, PA, 18470
Hidden ValleyEPICSomerset, PA, 15501
Jack FrostEPICWhite Haven, PA, 18661
Laurel MountainEPICBoswell, PA, 15531
Liberty MountainEPICFairfield, PA, 17320
Montage MountainINDYScranton, PA, 18505
Mount Pleasant of EdinboroCambridge Springs, PA, 16403
Mystic Mountain at NemacolinFarmington, PA, 15437
RoundtopEPICUnityville, PA, 17774
Seven SpringsEPICChampion, PA, 15622
Shawnee MountainINDYEast Stroudsburg, PA, 18301
Ski Denton State ParkUlysses, PA, 16948
Ski SawmillMorris, PA, 16938
Spring MountainSchwenksville, PA, 19473
Tussey MountainBoalsburg, PA, 16927
Whitetail MountainEPICMercersburg, PA, 17236

Explaining Our ‘Difficulty Score’

Parks & Trips created a proprietary Difficulty Score that is generated by looking at the number of easy-intermediate-expert slopes by acreage and the maximum vertical drop of the overall resort.

Our algorithm compares each resort’s metrics with all others in North America, then gives each a Difficulty Score, which we use to rank them accordingly. Resorts with a lower score are easier than those with a higher one. However, a high score does not mean that the resort does not have any easy slopes, or vice versa. This is just an overall score given to the resort based on all its metrics grouped together.

The Most Difficult Pennsylvania Ski Resorts

Blue Knob Ski Resort near Altoona is rated as the most difficult ski resort in Pennsylvania. With only 15% of its trails rated for beginners, this resort also has the second highest vertical drop in the state.

The next four resorts that round out the top 5 most challenging ski resorts in PA are all located in the Pocono Mountains.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty ScoreTM
#1Blue Knob15%41%44%50%
#2Elk Mountain22%37%41%46%
#3Blue Mountain40%15%45%44%
#4Montage Mountain19%46%35%44%

The Easiest Ski Resorts in Pennsylvania

The easiest ski resort in PA is also the easiest in all of North America according to our data. Boyce Park is a small slope in Pittsburgh that is within a park managed by Allegheny County. Laurel Mountain comes in second place, as the smallest ski resort in the Laurel Highlands. It was actually closed up until recently, and was resurrected in 2016. It along with Hidden Valley and Seven Springs were sold to the Vail company in 2021.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty ScoreTM
#1Boyce Park75%25%0%8%
#2Laurel Mountain55%30%15%25%
#3Spring Mountain38%50%12%25%
#4Mount Pleasant of Edinboro40%40%20%26%
#5Eagle Rock60%10%30%27%

The Largest Ski Resorts in Pennsylvania

Choosing the largest ski resorts is a bit of a tricky proposition. Do you look at just the summit elevation? How about the total acreage, most trails, or steepest vertical drop?

Well, we decided to combine all four of those metrics into one ranking to get the best idea, although we fully admit this is completely subjective. We’ve given you all the data in the following table to make your own decision.

Blue Knob Ski Resort is the largest in the state, mostly due to it having the highest summit elevation, by almost 400 feet. It also comes in near the top in vertical drop, base elevation and number of trails.

Seven Springs has the most skiable acreage in PA, and Blue Mountain has the most trails as well as the steepest vertical drop. In 2022, Seven Springs also unveiled the only 22-foot super pipe in the east!

Rank ResortSummit ElevationBase ElevationVertical DropAcresTrails
#1Blue Knob3,172 ft2,074 ft1,098 ft10034
#2Elk Mountain2,693 ft1,693 ft1,000 ft18027
#3Blue Mountain1,600 ft460 ft1,140 ft17140
#4Montage Mountain1,960 ft960 ft1,000 ft14026
#5Seven Springs2,994 ft2,240 ft754 ft28533