The Absolute Best Hiking Trails In Redwood National Park

Northern California has over 23 state and national parks with old growth redwood forests. While there are hundreds of trails throughout this part of the state, only a handful are home to these massive redwoods that visitors come to see.

The largest redwood trees are located within what are called “old growth forests”. These areas have been around for hundreds of years and survived the extensive logging activity of the early 19th and 20th centuries.

The Parks

The Redwood National Park is actually the “Redwood National & State Parks”. Its entire area is made up of one large federal National Park, and three smaller State Parks that surround it: Del Norte, Jedediah Smith, and Prairie Creek. Humboldt State Park is just south of these four parks, and is not considered a part of the combined entity. However, we include it and a few other smaller state parks in this list because they are all extremely close to each other.

Each park has its own character and highlights.

Prairie Creek is known for its lush and green coastal forest, while Jedidiah Smith is filled with light and is the most photogenic of all the parks. Del Norte has a unique location on a prominent coastal bluff, while Redwoods National Park occupies a large and heavily-logged inland valley. Humboldt Redwoods is best known for its dark, dense, and flat lowlands. Of all the parks in Northern California, Jedediah Smith and Prairie Creek State Parks have the best preserved ecosystems and some of the most scenic hikes.

The largest trees within these parks are found in the flat bottoms of creek valleys, where the most water resides. These flat sections are called alluvial flats, and they host the spectacular, cathedral-like groves of redwoods that the parks are famous for. Redwood National Park has 27%, or about 19,000 acres, of its land as old growth. Humboldt has the next highest amount at around 17,000 acres. Jedediah Smith State Park has the highest percentage of old growth, with it being over 75% of its total land area.

All of the trails we’ve listed below have all or part of the trail going through an old growth forest. The point of these trails is to see some of the most magnificent trees in not only the US, but the world as well.

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

Best Months: April, May, June & October
Hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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Short on Time?

Do you only have time for one trail per park? We have you covered. Here is the best hike (for sights and ease) for those that are only passing through the area and simply want to find an easy hike to see some massive trees.

  • Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park – Stout Grove
  • Del Norte State Park – Damnation Creek Trail. This is a long and difficult trail, so only explore about the first half-mile of it.
  • Prairie Creek State Park – Foothill to Cathedral Tree Loop
  • Humboldt Redwoods State Park – Founders Grove
  • Redwood National Park – Lady Bird Johnson Trail

The Top 20 Redwood National Park Hikes

RatingTrail NameParkEffortMilesElevation Climb
4.7The James Irvine Trail & Miners’ Ridge LoopPrairie Creek Redwoods SPDifficult11.41480′
4.7Grove of TitansJedediah Smith Redwoods SPEasy1.3200′
4.7Boy Scout Tree TrailJedediah Smith Redwoods SP
4.7Brown Creek Loop & South Fork TrailPrairie Creek Redwoods SPModerate3.0700′
4.7Stout Memorial Grove LoopJedediah Smith Redwoods SPEasy0.640′
4.7Simpson-Reed TrailJedediah Smith Redwoods SPEasy1.052′
4.7Rockefeller LoopHumboldt Redwoods SPEasy0.732′
4.7Foothill to Cathedral Tree LoopPrairie Creek Redwoods SPEasy2.2150′
4.7Damnation Creek TrailDel Norte Coast Redwoods SPDifficult3.41190′
4.7Fern Canyon Loop Trail (pass req’d)Prairie Creek Redwoods SPEasy, but getting there is Hard1.1120′
4.7Bull Creek FlatsHumboldt Redwoods SPModerate8.6670′
4.6Trillium Falls Trail (pass req’d)Redwood NPModerate2.8440′
4.6The Berry Glen & Lady Bird Grove TrailRedwood NPDifficult6.01290′
4.5West Ridge TrailPrairie Creek Redwoods SPModerate5.8760′
4.5Homestead and Big Trees LoopHumboldt Redwoods SPEasy2.4110′
4.5Cheatham GroveGrizzly Creek Redwoods SPEasy0.740′
4.5Flint Ridge Section TrailRedwood NPDifficult7.91770′
4.4The Grieg-French-Bell GroveHumboldt Redwoods SPEasy1.422′
4.4Redwood Creek TrailRedwood NPDifficult15.71130′
4.3Moorman Pond TrailPrairie Creek Redwoods SPEasy1165′
4.2Mill Creek TrailJedediah Smith Redwoods SPModerate7.4250′
4.2Emerald Ridge and Tall TreesRedwood NPModerate5.5700′

Table Notes:

  • SP = State Park, NP = National Park
  • The ratings are from AllTrails as of June 2022
  • The trailhead’s location is linked to from the trail’s name
  • All of these trails are within Old Growth forests except one (Fern Canyon Trail)