Paoli Peaks, IN

Indiana Ski Resorts Ranked & Mapped

Indiana is not a skiing state. It only has a couple ski resorts, and they are located near the base of the state. The lack of ski slopes in Indiana can be attributed to it being a Midwest state, and therefore, devoid of any real mountains.

All Indiana Ski Resorts

Indiana has only 2 ski resorts. However, one – Paoli Peaks – is associated with Vail’s EPIC nationwide pass system.

Paoli PeaksEPICPaoli, IN, 47454
Perfect NorthLawrenceburg, IN, 47025

Explaining Our ‘Difficulty Score’

Parks & Trips created a proprietary Difficulty Score that is generated by looking at the number of easy-intermediate-expert slopes by acreage and the maximum vertical drop of the overall resort.

Our algorithm compares each resort’s metrics with all others in North America, then gives each a Difficulty Score, which we use to rank them accordingly. Resorts with a lower score are easier than those with a higher one. However, a high score does not mean that the resort does not have any easy slopes, or vice versa. This is just an overall score given to the resort based on all its metrics grouped together.

The Most Difficult Indiana Ski Resorts

Perfect North comes out on top here, but only by the slimmest of margins over Paoli Peaks. This is due to the fact that Perfect North has a larger vertical drop as well as 5% more “expert” trails than Paoli.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty Score
#1Perfect North25%50%25%33.0%
#2Paoli Peaks25%55%20%30.0%

The Largest Ski Resorts in Indiana

While Paoli Peaks has a higher summit, Perfect North actually has the larger vertical drop. Perfect North also has more skiable acres and trails than Paoli.

Rank ResortSummit ElevationBase ElevationVertical DropAcresTrails
#1Perfect North800 ft400 ft400 ft10023
#2Paoli Peaks900 ft600 ft300 ft6515