Whiteface Mountain, NY

New York Ski Resorts Ranked & Mapped

New York has a rich history of skiing. It also has the mountain with the largest vertical drop east of the Rockies in Whiteface Mountain.

List of All New York Ski Resorts

New York has 34 ski resorts, evenly spread throughout the state.

IKON and EPIC each have dozens of slopes in their system that will allow you to ski at any one of them if you hold it. However, within New York, EPIC (a Vail-owned property) and IKON are associated with only one each. Smaller ticket system INDY has 6 associated New York resorts.

BelleayreHighmount, NY, 12441
BrantlingSodus, NY, 14489
Bristol MountainCanandaigua, NY, 14424
CatamountINDYHillsdale, NY, 12529
CortinaBaldwinsville, NY, 13027
Dry HillWaterton, NY, 13456
Four SeasonsRavena, NY, 12143
Gore MountainNorth Creek, NY, 12853
Greek Peak MountainINDYNew York, NY, 10007
Holiday MountainMonticello, NY, 12701
Holiday ValleyEllicottville, NY, 14731
HoliMontEllicottville, NY, 14731
Hunter MountainEPICHunter, NY, 12442
Kissing BridgeGlenwood, NY, 14069
Labrador MountainTruxton, NY, 13158
McCauley MountainCold Brook, NY, 13324
Mt. PeterGreenwood Lake, NY, 10925
Mt. Pisgah Recreation CenterSaranac Lake, NY, 12983
Peek’n PeakClymer, NY, 14724
Plattekill MountainRoxbury, NY, 12474
Royal MountainSaint Johnsville, NY, 13452
SawkillWallkill, NY, 12589
Snow RidgeINDYTurin, NY, 12498
Song MountainTully, NY, 13159
SwainINDYSwain, NY, 14884
Thunder RidgePatterson, NY, 12563
Titus MountainINDYMalone, NY, 12953
ToggenburgFabius, NY, 13063
Tuxedo RidgeCentral Valley, NY, 10917
West MountainINDYQueensbury, NY, 12804
Whiteface MountainWilmington, NY, 12997
Willard MountainGreenwich, NY, 12834
Windham MountainIKONWindham, NY, 12496
Woods ValleyBolton Landing, NY, 12814

Explaining Our ‘Difficulty Score’

Parks & Trips created a proprietary Difficulty Score that is generated by looking at the number of easy-intermediate-expert slopes by acreage and the maximum vertical drop of the overall resort.

Our algorithm compares each resort’s metrics with all others in North America, then gives each a Difficulty Score, which we use to rank them accordingly. Resorts with a lower score are easier than those with a higher one. However, a high score does not mean that the resort does not have any easy slopes, or vice versa. This is just an overall score given to the resort based on all its metrics grouped together.

The Most Difficult New York Ski Resorts

Whiteface Mountain tops out as the most difficult ski resort in New York. With the greatest vertical drop east of the Rockies, Whiteface ends up with over a 60% Difficulty Score, and atop our leader board of NY slopes.

Gore Mountain comes in second, mostly due to it having the most acreage along with only around 10% green, or easy, trails.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty ScoreTM
#1Whiteface Mountain20%42%38%70.1%
#2Gore Mountain11%48%41%60.2%
#3Hunter Mountain25%30%45%53.0%
#4Windham Mountain20%48%32%49.2%
#5Plattekill Mountain20%40%40%47.3%

The Easiest Ski Resorts in New York

Sawkill, Song Mountain and Cortina are all considered “Very Easy” according to our data, coming in with sub-20% difficulty. Looking at their stats, its not hard to see why. Sawkill has no “Expert” trails, and Song and Cortina are not far behind with the majority of their trails being rated as “Easy”.

Rank ResortGreen TrailsBlue TrailsBlack TrailsDifficulty ScoreTM
#2Song Mountain58%29%13%23%
#4Four Seasons40%40%20%24%
#5Thunder Ridge40%40%20%28%

The Largest Ski Resorts in New York

Choosing the largest ski resorts is a bit of a tricky proposition. Do you look at just the summit elevation? How about the total acreage, most trails, or steepest vertical drop?

Well, we decided to combine all four of those metrics into one ranking to get the best idea, although we fully admit this is completely subjective. We’ve given you all the data in the following table to make your own decision.

No surprise that the 3 hardest slopes in NY are also the three biggest. Whiteface Mountain wins here as well because of its massive vertical drop. Gore Mountain is right behind them, having the most skiable acres of anywhere in NY.

Rank ResortSummit ElevationBase ElevationVertical DropAcresTrails
#1Whiteface Mountain4,650 ft1,220 ft3,430 ft29990
#2Gore Mountain3,600 ft1,500 ft2,100 ft448120
#3Hunter Mountain3,200 ft1,600 ft1,600 ft32067
#4Windham Mountain3,100 ft1,500 ft1,600 ft28454
#5Belleayre3,429 ft2,025 ft1,404 ft17155