All Major & Minor Airports Located in Montana

Montana is a huge and remote state. It’s not called “Big Sky Country” for nothing. It would take 12 hours to drive from one end of the state to the other.

Because of the sheer size of Montana, many look to use airports to get close to the parks they are visiting. The two main National Parks in Montana are Glacier to the north and Yellowstone to the south.

The best airport in Montana to visit Glacier National Park from is Glacier Park International Airport (FCA). However, this is a medium-sized airport, which limits the amount of airlines that fly into it. Flying into a smaller airport like this also usually increases the cost. Most of our road trips that start out visiting Glacier NP use the Spokane, WA (GEG) airport instead. While it is about a 5-hour drive to the park from there, it is a much more accessible airport.

The best airport to visit Yellowstone National Park from is Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN). While this is also a medium-sized airport, the fact that Yellowstone is one of the most visited parks in the country means that airlines increase their options from the airport during the peak visitation season. Bozeman is the closesst and best airport to visit Yellowstone from. However, if you require a larger airport, Denver (DEN) or Salt Lake City (SLC) are your two best options.

Airports in Montana

Here is a list of all airports in Montana that are large enough to book at least one of the major carriers into. There are more much smaller regional airports, but they are mostly for personal planes and tour guides.

Billings Logan International AirportBillings, MTBILDenvermedium
Bert Mooney AirportButte, MTBTMDenvermedium
Bozeman Yellowstone International AirportBozeman, MTBZNDenvermedium
Glacier Park International AirportKalispell, MTFCADenvermedium
Wokal Field/Glasgow-Valley County AirportGlasgow, MTGGWDenvermedium
Great Falls International AirportGreat Falls, MTGTFDenvermedium
Helena Regional AirportHelena, MTHLNDenvermedium
Lewistown Municipal AirportLewistown, MTLWTDenvermedium
Frank Wiley FieldMiles City, MTMLSDenvermedium
Missoula International AirportMissoula, MTMSODenvermedium